Windster blade service team has been serving on lightning and tip damages, tip painting with the most economical method of robe access method by ensuring quality standards.

Windster provides critical advantages for assembly of turbines, repair, maintenance and inspection works on blades with certified technicians by IRATA or SPRAT on wind turbines.

  • Blade Painting
  • Blade Repair
  • Blade Inspections and Reports, Periodic Corrosion and Damage Controls
  • Tower Inspections and Repairs

Windster is aware of a critical importance in achieving the miminun downtime and showing trouble-free operations of the turbine. Therefore Windster responds quickly on customer requests and been serving on planned maintenance, service and repair, inspections and troubleshooting to decrease delays and increase production.

Windster guarantees items below on every service work that is performed ;

  • Customer needs and expectations, meeting requests on time to increase customer satisfaction,
  • Defining possible risks, cut off hazards in source to prevent accidents and occupational disease. Creation a safe work environment in cooperation with suppliers and customers,
  • Increasing motivation and qualifications of our technicians, providing participants on every job,
  • Continuing training for our technicians and contractors about health and safety issues to raise awareness,
  • Adapting related legal regulations and other requirements for health – safety  and environment laws,
  • Recycling and minimizing pollution, using suitable resources to control environment effects and risks,
  • Improving technological infrastructure, using high technology  in all areas as following improvements in our scope,
  • Making continuously improve the effectiveness of quality, environment, health and safety management systems as following performances,
  • Increasing quality of our service and profitability with cost management.