Astros vs. White Sox MLB Pick – August 12th

The Houston Astros couldn’t end off the Baltimore Orioles yesterday because massive favorites. They went in as -400 favorites however came out of the match with a loss in the 9th against the Orioles. In the grand scheme of things, it is not an issue for the Astros. They still won two of three games, including a 23-2 gong show on Saturday night. Roberto Osuna only had a yesterday in Baltimore. The O’s got to him for 3 runs to divert what was a 7-5 lead for the Astros moments before in the very top of the 9th.
Before the loss, the Astros have been on an eight-game winning streak. They had just one loss since July 27th, so it was bound to come to earlier or later. Many people didn’t think it was going to come from the Orioles using a 2-run guide in the top of the 9th, though. In any event, that match was a lesson for folks who prefer to put juice. There were definitely people who needed to figure out the hard way that nothing is a guarantee in regards to sportsbetting.
The Astros are nearly to the point at which it is going to be a promise that they acquire the AL West, yet. Though the Athletics are hanging tough in the wildcard race, the Astros possess a ten-game benefit on these. Barring something crazy happening, Oakland are not coming back to win the division. Houston are favorites among many folks to win the World Series due to their amazing pitching depth. Zack Greinke was added to bolster the starting rotation and give what looks like an unstoppable rotation to the postseason.
Greinke did not get off to a hot start in his introduction as an Astro. The pressure will be on him now after relaxing at the desert with a non-competitive Diamondback club. He has dealt with stress previously, so it might be something to consider the postseason.
An August 12th matchup from the White Sox shouldn’t bother him too much. The White Sox have been blanked from the Athletics with a score of 2-0 yesterday. They dropped to 52-64 on the season with the loss. Dylan Cease is a big challenge on his hand that evening, but he could take solace in what happened to the’Stros as massive favorites on Sunday.
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It was not a picture perfect introduction for Greinke within an Astros’ uniform, but his group was able to find the win on the Rockies. Houston listed a 11-6 victory in which turned into a straight back and came following the Astros started the game up late. Greinke hopes to eliminate this particular match from his memory card and concentrate on the White Sox.
Overall, he’s been reckless with an ERA of all 3.08 in 152 innings of work. He didn’t have his ERA below 3.00 before playing his first game with the Astros, though. That ERA of 2.90 went to 3.08 due to his poor debut in Houston.
The White Sox haven’t been in a position to create anything against Greinke in the past, so this must present a great opportunity for him to get his very first quality start from the way as a member of the Astros. Note that the White Sox are hitting on just .222 with two runs scored in 54 at-bats from Greinke. Expect him to rebound back to make it look relatively simple against the White Sox on Monday night. Greinke should be dealing with good run support from his crime in this one.
Regardless of the reduction for the’Stros on Sunday, the crime was destroying the ball . They have averaged 11.6 runs per game in their past five matches, including 30 runs in their past two matches alone. Dylan Cease will be confronting this lineup for the very first time in his career Monday. He has been over par thus far in his profession, having an ERA of 6.00 and 1.55 WHIP in six trips.
It hasn’t been against the best of crimes , apart from the Twins a few of the competitors were creampuffs. Half of those starts in his career have been against the Tigers and Royals. Note that Cease has recently posted a 6.75 ERA and 1.59 WHIP at home. In the latest offense he’s had to tame, search for the Astros to start up the floodgates and pound Cease in this matchup. It’s a costly price for a runline, but I still think that the’Stros have this by a minimum of two runs .

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