Boxing Odds

Betting on the Fights

It can be argued that there is no greater sport to bet over boxing, or more importantly, no sport that lends itself to gambling quite like boxing does. Obviously, among the reasons could be that the sport was essentially made for the purposes of gambling, and really, the earnings generated from ancient fights (going back into the bare-knuckle age ) came chiefly through the quantity in betting”activity”

Through the years, oddsmakers have invented new and different ways for people to wager on pugilism, such as over-unders, KO propositions, and around betting. If you consider yourself to be a specialist at the fights, this could present a huge opportunity for you!

The Guide to Betting the Fights of
From Charles Jay

Everything you want to understand right from the start; what you need to know before you ever bet on a struggle, is what the odds mean. Not only that, but what they represent.

Let us say You’re faced with the following proposition on a struggle:

Fighter A -400
Fighter B +300

What does this mean? Well, if you find the minus symbol, you’re going to be LAYING money on that side of the two-way proposal, so you’re likely to be risking an amount which is greater than the quantity that will make in terms of profit by winning.

In the case of Fighter A, the purchase price of -400 implies that for every dollar you wish to WIN, you’ll have to risk four bucks. Therefore, in the event that you bet $400 on Fighter A, you’ll win $100 gain (and get back your $400 first wager ) should you win. YesFighter A would be the”favorite.” Whatever the amount of your bet, it is going to yield a gain that’s four times less. So a $100 bet will bring a gain of $25.

Fighter B is the “underdog.” And in this instance you will get a return that is proportionately higher than the sum of money you are risking. The plus sign shows us (except in the case of +100, which even money) that you’re TAKING a price. Here, the +300 means that for every dollar you risk you are going to gain three dollars. Let’s be sure we’re clear on this; it doesn’t mean that you bet a dollar and return 3 dollars. It usually means that you bet a dollar and return 3 bucks PLUS your initial bet.

One thing to take note of: Just because there’s a minus sign in front of a price does not necessarily mean that the fighter would be the preferred. In the case of the so-called”pick’em” fights, a sportsbook would always make you lay a price on BOTH fighters, so It May look like this:

Fighter A -110
Fighter B -110

Or, sometimes among the fighters May Be a little favourite, in which case it might look like this:

Fighter A -115
Fighter B -105

The cause of this, obviously, is that the sportsbook would like to carve an advantage for itself. So you are not likely to be paid at”authentic” odds. Indeed, if there were true chances available on a pick’em fight, both fighters would be costly at even money (+100). If true chances existed in the first instance, one fighter could be -350 while another could be +350. That’s to saythe amount would be right in the center of -400 and +300.

For purposes of dialog, in the event that you wanted to express what the chances were on a struggle like that were by using only one number, you would say that’s”7/2″ in favor of Fighter A; 7/2 converting to a +350 payoff, although that cost does not signify what you’d find on either fighter.