A lot of men and women who find themselves awake at 4:30 a.m. in Las Vegas are coming from a night to remember. Or possibly a night. Either way, they’re seeking the nearest bed.

Not so for Pete Korner. For the past 12 years, 4:30 a.m. marked when Korner rolled out of the rack and must work, conducting The Sports Club, an oddsmaking service that at its summit provided lines to many Nevada sportsbooks.

A few weeks ago, Korner declared he was shuttering his oddsmaking operation. Between integration, technological improvements and — for better or worse — a shifting mindset from the sportsbook business, Korner could not make the math pencil out for his operation. That brought an end to 30 years in the oddsmaking business for Korner.

And that’s not a simple issue to shake, particularly for somebody who thrives on being busy.

“I am still up at 4:30,” Korner says of his transition into existence after oddsmaking. “I’m just relaxing, kind of coasting, taking some time off. It feels strange, but it feels good. I had the time off. But I don’t sleep at all, just out of habit. I want five to six hours. That’s just me”

Korner doesn’t mind looking back at the way the previous 3 decades unfolded. At precisely the exact same time, however, he’s certainly excited about the next iteration of this Sports Club and the future of the sports gambling industry.

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